Medical Clinic #1 – Saturday

July 20, 2008

We got up in the morning, ate breakfast and did our personal devos.  Then we sorted medicines and all the toys that we wanted to take with us.  We also bagged beans and salt to hand out to the people at the clinic.  Then the adventure began!

The clinic was about 2 hours away.  We went in three vans with the medicines, dinner and the movie packed with us.  It had been raining most of the day so that created some issues once we got there.  The scenery was beautiful as we peered over the cliff that we were very close to the edge of.  Then we got to the mud!  The first van “Big Red” got waist deep in the mud.  So some of the guys decided to push us out – didn’t work.  They were then covered with mud themselves.  Dan finally got it backed out and they decided that the vans would stay down below.  The 4 wheel drive van loaded with the meds was able to make it up the hill to the clinic site.  Thanks GOD!

The clinic was setup in the church building with the meds on tables and the people lined up outside.  About 10 of the group stayed inside to help with the clinic.  The rest of us played with the kids and began to develop relationships.  We played frisbee, soccer, Dan and Tom painted nails, jump rope, coloring and then we got mobbed when we passed out the beanie babies.  It was great fun and the rain stayed away the entire time!

As the rain began again, it was time to begin the Jesus film.  The people sat on benches and the dirt floor, watching intently.  Most of them had never seen a DVD before.  As it ended, the team went up front and sang two songs (in English).  Then Cherie, Thomas and Tom offered their testimonies for the people.  We sang one more song and then Hermano Jesus came forward to preach the Gospel.  The crowd was into it, saying AMEN and Hallelujah often.  He is an awesome speaker!  He concluded with an altar call and 20 people came forward to pray the prayer of salvation.  We also were able to pray over them.  Even after that, there were at least 20 more people that came forward again.  These folks were also prayed over and received Bibles. 

Then the next adventure – the ride home.  It was dark and had been pouring the entire time we were in the building so the roads were mucky, narrow, dark and dangerous.  Only with God’s protection was the ride uneventful.  We arrived at the base about 11:00, tired but filled with joy.  Off to a shower or bed to get ready to be back at it tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers.  We are preparing for our next clinic this morning and will update more tomorrow.  Our itinerary has changed a little – our free day in the town will now be on Monday, with building days in the village on Tuesday-Thursday.


We’re here!!

July 18, 2008

It is 2:00 in Guatemala (4:00 in Michigan) and we are at the base.  All of us are safe and happy.  All of our bags arrived and it was a safe trip.  We are now sorting all the toys and meds we brought down.  Thanks for the prayers for safety.


We will update more tomorrow!